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company news about 【white book】e paper :Green electronic display board

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【white book】e paper :Green electronic display board

With the constant innovation of science and technology, intelligent networking electronic devices emerge as the times require, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of people's life and work, such as computers, smart phones, smart watches, electronic signage, etc.



Among them, electronic signage has developed different applications according to different application scenarios, such as smart bus stop signs, smart billboards, public billboards, etc.


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The screens of these electronic billboards, together with the Internet and software, can update the latest bus road information in real time, such as bus routes, bus arrival time, weather forecast and other life information related to citizens. So far, electronic signage has become an indispensable and important role in our life.



However, the popularity of electronic signage also brings two challenges to our living environment:



Energy consumption continues to rise


More and more electronic signage applications continue to increase the demand for energy use, but also increase the risk of energy crisis. Therefore, the California Energy Commission proposed to California in 2015 to limit the power consumption of computer screens and electronic signage screens.



Increase of light pollution


In addition to the street lights and advertising lights on both sides of the street, the electronic signage using LCD and LED also shines at night because of the display technology, which is particularly eye-catching. These light sources affect the life of citizens at night, and also affect the urban environment.



Therefore, the development of the Internet of Things and smart cities should be both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Among them, in the field of display technology, electronic paper display has become a display choice that helps reduce energy consumption and light pollution due to its bistable and reflective technical characteristics.







The electronic paper display screen does not consume any power when the screen is not changed, and only needs to consume power when the screen is changed. Therefore, the electronic paper display screen has the characteristics of constant brightness and no black screen. Electronic paper has therefore become a display technology with ultra-low power consumption.



Reflex type


Electronic paper and paper have the same display principle. The ambient light source hits the electronic paper display screen and refracts the light to the viewer's eyes. The brighter the ambient light source is, the clearer the electronic paper is. At the same time, the reflective display characteristics make the electronic paper neither need backlight nor emit blue light.

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Because of this, e-paper is applicable to all fields with the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption and outdoor visibility. Whether it is smart transportation, smart medical, smart retail, or smart education, smart office, it is the most ideal choice for electronic display.

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